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To equip students, theoretically & clinically the following are some of the  academic activities followed in our School. Master rotation plans & clinical rotation plans which we plan in the begging of the academic year enable us to organize the classes & finish the clinical and other requirements on time, so that the students get adequate time for reviewing their lessons, prepare for their session exams & revision prior to the board exams.
 During the Course the students are periodically assessed for their knowledge & skill through frequent unit tests & session exams. During internship they are exposed to different methodology like topic presentations, projects, assignments & practice teachings which will help them, for their graduation & post graduation studies.
 Student Nurses Association : (SNA.)
 The SNA(Student Nurses Association) President, Vice President , Secretary & the Treasurer are  elected  every year by the Entire Students Assembly in the beginning of the academic year. Following which various Commities are formed  for organizing various student activities. This helps the students to develop their organizing capacity, leadership quality, creativity & self esteem. Students are given ample opportunities all through the year to develop their sportsmanship & various inborn talents & skills.
 There is one week  sports & cultural competitions including indoor games organized by Student Nurses Association under the guidance of the SNA. Advisor & Physical education teachers. during the Nurses week. At the end of the week the winners are awarded with Trophies & prizes.
Students are also awarded with various merit certificates & awards including cash awards for their academic & clinical outstanding performances.


Video (Graduation Ceremony -30th Jan'16)

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