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General Nursing and Midwifery Course INC, KNC & Government Recognition:
Government approval : GO. NO. HFW/273/MME/95. Dated 11.11.1996.

Karnataka Nursing Council Recognition No: KNC/857/96 dated 20.11.1996 and INC. Recognition No: F No: 20-67/ 99-INC. Dated 28.4.2000.

The G.N.M. course is for 3 years followed by 6 months of internship as per the INC syllabus. The medium of instruction is English.
Exam :-
During the course there will be two Sessional Exams and a Model Exam. The average of all these exams and the marks of the Assignments will be taken for Internal Assessment. The pass mark for the Internal Assessment for theory out of 25 is 13 and for practical out of 50 is 25. If a student fails for the Internal Assessment, she is not eligible for the final Exam. At the end of an year there will be Final Exam. Minimum 75% of class and clinical attendance are required for a candidate to appear for the final Exam.
The copies to be enclosed for admission are :-
  1. S.S.L.C and Plus Two mark cards
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Baptism Certificate ( for catholic students )
  4. Conduct Certificate
  5. Physical Fitness Certificate
  6. Caste and Income Certificate
  7. Transfer Certificate
  8. Self addressed and stamped Envelopes
  9. Migration Certificate for other state students
Selection and Admission will be based on written entrance test and Personal interview.
Leave :-
Annual leave - 25 days
Study leave - 15 days
Sick leave - 10 days.(only for genuine Reasons)
Any leave availed more than this need to be made up prior to the Exam.
Admission Requirements :-
  1. The minimum entrance requirements is pass in the 2nd year P.U.C. of Karnataka or its equivalent examination, securing not less than 50% marks in aggregate. Preference will be given to those with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as elective subjects.
  2. Candidates should be single (female only)of good health and good moral Character, between the age of 18 to 25 years(religious sister up to 30 years)
  3. Religious sisters who apply should have completed one year after their first religious profession.
  4. Candidates should apply in the prescribed application form and prospectus. It may be obtained from
    The Principal,
    Holy Cross School of Nursing,
    Kamagere-571443, Kollegal Taluk,
    Chamarajanagar Dist, Karnataka.
    On payment of 150/- in cash or 180/- as M.O.
  5. The completed Application forms with all the documents must reach the Principal on or before……….
Withdrawal and Dismissal :-
If any candidate wishes to discontinue the course voluntarily may be permitted within one month of admission but the fees paid will not be refunded.
The school can dismiss a candidate whose work and conduct is found unsatisfactory.
If a candidate fails to fulfill the requirements prior to the Board Exam, she will not be allowed to appear for Board Exam.
Student Nurses' Association :-
All the students are enrolled to S.N.A. and all are expected to participate in all the programs organized by the S.N.A.
Spiritual Activities :-
Holy Cross School of Nursing being a catholic Institution, the Catholic students are expected to nourish the spiritual life through daily Holy Mass, weekly prayer meetings and all the spiritual activities of the school.
Religious Sisters :-
Annual Retreats / spiritual courses will be possible only during annual leave.
Sisters are requested to make use of all the facilities available in the campus to deepen their committed life during the training period.
Accommodation :-
All the students are expected to stay in the Hostel and are requested to follow the Hostel Rules. The students are expected to participate in the indoor and outdoor programmes. (Refer Hostel rules).
Rules and Regulations :-
  • Students are expected to be regular and punctual for classes or Clinicals and also for the morning and night attendance.
  • Students are expected to wear neat and modest dress in the school and neat uniform during the clinical postings.
  • Students are permitted to be in the hospital only during clinical postings. An extra visit to the hospital for any reason needs permission of the Warden/ Principal.
  • Ragging is strictly forbidden and serious action will be taken if someone does it.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly forbidden.
  • No leave will be permitted other than the leave mentioned. In case of emergency the leave may be sanctioned by the Principal.
  • If extra leave is taken for any emergency reasons it has to be made up prior to the final exam.
  • In case a student is notable to attend the classes or clinical, she has to inform the Principal and Warden and should produce the leave letter mentioning the reason.
  • Visitors are allowed only on the allotted days.
  • During the period of training the candidate is not allowed to get married.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the school during the class hours and clinical hours. They are to be entertained in the parlor only.
  • If any student fails to complete the requirements in time she will be asked to inform home and get the letter from house in order to continue the course.
  • Students are expected to follow the Hostel Rules.
  • Students are expected to report to the warden and principal at the onset of illness and are not able to go for class/clinicals.
  • Telephone calls are allowed on Saturdays and Sundays up to 6.30 P.M.
  • Mess Fee should be paid on or before 10th of every month. Students in turn will manage the Mess.
  • Study is not permitted in the bed rooms.
  • All the students are expected to keep the school and hostel premises neat and clean. The students shall meet the cost of any damage done in the hostel.
  • The students are not allowed to wear big chains, rings and bangles during clinical.
  • The Institution will not take any responsibility for the loss of any valuables including money.

Video (Graduation Ceremony -30th Jan'16)

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