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Contribution of Holy Cross Sisters to modern Nursing:
Sree Moolam Thirunal RamavarmaDr. Mrs. Punnen Lukose, the Durbar Physician, sought the permission of the Maharaja Sree Moolan Thirumal Rama Varma, (King of Trivandrum, State of Kerala) to invite Sisters from Europe to work in Government Hospitals in order to modernize the medical services. He made the request for Nursing Sisters to his friend Bishop Benziger, the then Bishop of Quilon who was a Swiss citizen. Bishop explained to the Menzingen Sisters in Switzerland the need for dedicated Nursing staff in India. The high caste men and women would not take up manual and menial work. The sick and the dying had to be left to the care of the lower castes, to them Nursing was only a source of income. Moved by his words, Mother Maria Paula said: "If it is the will of God, I shall send the sisters. Responding to the request of the Maharaja Sree Moolan Thirummal Rama Varma, a group of ten Swiss Sisters were sent to India in 1906. After a two weeks voyage by steamers, the Sisters arrived at Trivandrum, the Capital of Travancore to take up work in the Government Hospital. To become all things to all was the Theodosian way of demonstrating "how vital and effective the Christian charity can be"
Like angels those Sisters had come from beyond the sea, leaving home and motherland. Their tender loving care was extended to all alike, even the low caste and the poor. What was it about their faith that made them so happy in the service which held little attraction for a high caste girl? However it was hard to believe that for love of Christ one could renounce "father or mother or children or lands". (Mt. 19:29) and accept the poor and the sick as one's own father, mother, brother and sister, their home and country as one's own.
Despite their inability to speak the language of the Country, the European sisters were able to win the esteem of doctors and patients by their meticulous service and devotion to duty. To the caste conscious people of Travancore, (then Kerala State) their presence in the hospitals was a cause of endless wonderment.
Under the efficient management of the Sisters, the Government hospitals of the State gained a new reputation for prompt delivery of care, for cleanliness, for accountability in dispensing of medicines, food and other supplies.
As per our guiding principle "Need of the time is the will of God" we extended our Mission to the most backward district of Karnataka namely Chamarajnagar District (then part of Mysore district), which was lagging behind in all the health and developmental indices like Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Rate etc.


The Present Provincial

Holy Cross Hospital, Kamagere :
The Health Care Ministry which was started as a small dispensary with Community outreach programmes in the year 1970, has now grown into a Referral Hospital for the entire Chamarajnagar District. Hospital has got all the specialties for the academic requirements of the students. For super specialties they go to affiliated hospitals.

Video (Graduation Ceremony -30th Jan'16)

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